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Racial Power Levels

DESC: As an individual advances in racial levels it can also improve powers it has bought through this power. For every attribute that a power has you must spend 50 population, per 1 point increase. For example "breath weapon - cone type" has range, width, damage and, difficulty. To set as a maturing power you must spend 200 population for every +1 increase.

The increase is then spread over over each attribute of the power offset by an equal amount of racial levels.

If a race has 100 racial levels, the breath weapon cone it would grant a +1 range on level 100, a +1 width on level 75, a +1 damage on level 50 and, a +1 difficulty on level 25. If the race only has 12 racial levels then grant a +1 range on level 12 a +1 width on level 9, a +1 damage on level 6 and, a +1 difficulty on level 3.

PAP: 0
MAP: 0
Type: Bonus, Power
Form: Claws, Small
Usage: Permanent
Base Cost: -50
  • Power Atribute: Base(1), Step(1), Cost per Step(-50)

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