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Red Ash Creation Points Calculator
Creation Points Calculator

This is the tool to calculate the Creation Points used to make a new species within the Red Ash World Engine. There are 3 main fields that affect the value generated; the Base Points, the Life Span, and the Child Slider value.

The Base Points are controlled by options above the black bar. These values represent the general guidelines for reproduction of a species. Mouse over the labels for more information on what each value does.

The life Span is the average length of life that all members of your species have. At the end of this time an individual will roll a 10%, +5%/year after the first year, chance to die from age related causes.

The slider values represent a percentage of the life span that an individual will spend in each stage of life. The values under the sliders are the end value of that stage and the start of the next stage. The Newborn Stage starts at 0%, which is birth, and goes to the value set in the slider value, it is also the start of the Infancy Stage. At the other end of life you will see the Elderly Stage, note it lacks a slider as it starts at the end of the Mature Stage and goes to 100% of the life span value. Of special note is the Child Stage slider. This is the start of Adolesence. Adolesence is that stage when many things occur including the physical ability to reproduce. While once can reproduce it is not without risk. Waiting until the adult stage is suggested to improve the odds of a healthly birth.

This tool does not tie into any database so you need to write down what's generated here before leaving. It has taken a long time to design the mechanics and I may change the formula used to make the creation points at a later time provide I come up with a better method of working the numbers.

To use this tool:

  • select a reproduction type from the drop down.
  • Make adjustments to the various settings, above the black bar. The left side labels contain info on each setting.
  • Enter a value for the Life Span and click the Calc button.
  • A breakdown of the time spent in the various life stages will display below. Adjust the sliders to fine toon the age stages.
Note that the sliders adjust in increments of 0.001 so it may be easier to simply enter the values in the fields below the slider. also note that the sliders are designed to be in a consecutive sequence, so the Child Stage should be a larger value than the Toddler Stage but smaller than the Adolescent Stage.
What I will use for a basic human is the cycle of Freedom and a life span of 70 years. The default values are good.

Base points:
Base Zygotes: Count: Dice:
Risk: % +/-% per Risk %:
Weight: % +/-% per Gain %:
Mutation: %
Starting Life Stage:
Birth Type:
Creation Points: 0 Base Points:
Life Span: Yrs
Newborn Infancy Toddler Child Adolescent Adult Mature
From To From (Text) To (Text)

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