Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Traits

DESC: Certain kinds of damage are reduced, or ignored. Also you may option to ignore some effects.

PAP: 0
MAP: 0
Type: Defense, Energy
Form: Self (Acid, Cold, Electrical, Fire, Sonic, Divine, Corrupt)
Usage: Permanent
Base Cost: -30
  • Damage Reduction: Base(1%), Step(1%), Cost per Step(-30)

Type: Defense, Effect
Form: Self (Blind, Charm, Daze, Disease, Fear, Paralyzed, Petrafied, Poisoned, Sleep, Stunned, Undeath, Drowning, Suffocation)
Usage: Permanent
Base Cost: -2500
Type: Defense, Physical
Form: Self (Critical Hits)
Usage: Permanent
Base Cost: -3500

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