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Werewolf Were
Base Level 1
Weight Adjust 0%
Weight adjustment is based on the characters starting weight.
HxWxL Adjust 20%
HxWxL adjustment is based on the characters starting height, width and length and will also adjust its weight, reach and step (also land speed).
XP Gain Adjust 0%
XP adjustment is based on the characters species xp gain and then modified by this value.
Land Speed Adjust +3
Add this value to the characters base species land speed.
Coord. Mod. +5 Focus Mod. +15
Strength Mod. +20 Power Mod. +0
Agility Mod. +10 Aware. Mod. +20
Health Mod. +40 Identity Mod. +5
Nat. Armor Mod. +5 Ego Mod. +0
Ability modifiers can increase(+), decrease(-) or set(no sign) a base value.
  • (100%) Bite: +17 piercing melee damage for Tiny size category, +19 piercing melee damage for Small size category, +22 piercing melee damage for Medium size category, +27 piercing melee damage for Large size category, +30 piercing melee damage for Huge size category
  • (100%) Claws: +13 slashing melee damage for Tiny size category, +15 slashing melee damage for Small size category, +18 slashing melee damage for Medium size category, +21 slashing melee damage for Large size category, +24 slashing melee damage for Huge size category NOTE: if species already has claws then increase damage by 20% and reduce all affected skills by an additional -4
  • (100%) Immunity (Suffocation)
  • (100%) Immunity (Drowning)
  • (100%) Immunity (Charm)
  • (100%) Implant (Therianthropic)
  • (100%) Regeneration Health Points: +4
  • (100%) Scent
  • (100%) Scent, Blood
  • (100%) Sensory (Nightvision) Range: +7
  • (100%) Vulnerability (Silver)
  • (100%) Vulnerability (Fire)
The most famous of were creatures mainly due to its violent nature and the willingness to work within a group of werewolves. The werewolf blends traits of the wolf with that of the original species. The werewolf is driven by a need to hunt and kill. Anyone that survives an attack by a werewolf run a risk of becoming one by the next full moon. Once full control is achieved they no longer have the blood rage and they can transform freely between the original species body, a common and large wolf and a hybrid half-original species/half-wolf blend.
The ability to transform into an animal hybrid (half-original species/half were-creature) or a large version of the animal form is known as a were-creature. This is a template that is applied to a base playable species. All weaknesses and benefits are merged with the base species while in the hybrid were-form. During times of stress like when in combat a were-creature can tap into half of their modifier values for the were-creature they have become. The full animal form also has access to half of the modifier scores and all the powers regardless of their emotional state and only after the character has gained control of their blood rage. This template is hard to control (activate/deactivate) for the character. The user of this template must make a control roll vs a Arduous level difficulty roll once every 10 min or fall into a blood rage. A full moon seams to compound this issue and raises the difficulty by 15 points. The rage is often described as a nightmare of stalking and killing any lone victims they can find while viewed from their own eyes and are powerless to stop.

With regards to size each were-creature makes no size changes while in the characters normal species form. While in hybrid form the characters normal species sizes (HxWxL) is increased by a percentage found in the were-creatures description. This will affect reach, step (and land speed) and weight too. When in full animal form the character becomes a large version of the animal, by increasing the base animals size (HxWxL) by the same percentages mentioned. So this means a pixie at a size category of tiny can transform into a large brown bear of size large. Also a titan of size huge can become a size of a large rat if they become a wererat.

One becomes a were-creature by being bitten by one and surviving an attack. The survivor must make 3 Arduous difficulty rolls vs health or die due to the poison. If they survive they are soon to become a were-creature by the next full moon. Until that time they are still the same as any member of their original species but have the vulnerability to silver and a craving for raw meat. As the full moon draws closer the character will become more agitated and will seek isolation on the fringe of civilization. The more risky manor for one to become a were-creature is to use the skin-walker Psyche spell after ingesting the poisonous belladonna. A savings throw of health vs an Extreme Difficulty must be made once per hour for 8 hours on the night of a full moon while trying to transform into the full version of either a wolf, rat, bear or one of the big cats. Failure of any poison roll means you die. Succeed in the transformation and no other benefits will be gained beyond the skin walker spell. Fail the spell but succeed in all the poison rolls and you will find yourself converted into a new were-creature. It is also possible to be a natural born were-creature and have your template activated after your 10th birthday at 10% success with an additional 10% for every year. The 19th birthday is the last opportunity for the template to activate. If it has not activated by now it never will and the template becomes dormant until the next generation of children. Natural born were-creature include their years of life added to the total years need to control their template and they do not have a control verses blood rage. If your people are immune to poison you can not become a were-creature, via spell, bite or birth.

15 levels after gaining the were-creature template a user will gain full control as soon as they have the minimum amount of skill points to equal the maximum control difficulty of Arduous. Once they have acquired this control the were-creature not only controls their blood rage but their shifting into a the hybrid form (base species and creature; I.E. half-human/half-wolf) but they can also fully transform into a large version of the base creature. This allows the character to make use of the base creatures abilities and powers.

All were-creatures gain regeneration or have an existing regeneration improved. They also gain a natural armor bonus over their normal NA score but they have a vulnerability to silver weapons, which can only heal normally. A user of this template can also use the power implant (spawn) and turn a victim into a like type of were-creature.

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