Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Swim (Child of Endurance)
Save: Health + Swim Levels + 1d20
DESC: Swim is the skill used to treading and moving through water for non-aquatic (or non-amphibious) creatures. Swimming is a more natural exercise than most give it credit but a person that does not have levels in swim and finds themselves in water deeper than what they can stand in, or fast moving water must first save vs fear at the difficult level (130) or acquire the feared and drowning effects. Skilled swimmers and creatures immune to fear or breathless can ignore this roll.

Treading water to keep from drowning is a test of conditioning, knowledge and encumbrance. Swim levels aid the user when trying to stay afloat and breath properly while in the water. Movement is restricted to 1/4 your step and can not double no charging.

While in water your gear absorbs it and gains weight. For every 10 lbs of gear add 1 lbs. Figure your encumbrance from this and adjust PAP cost accordingly.

Treading water is based on your Health score/10 in minutes + 5 x Swim levels additional minutes. PAP cost is 2 + any encumbrance adjustment paid every 10 minutes.

Holding your breath while diving is Health Score/100 + 1 per swim skill in minutes. At a PAP of 3 per round.

While in water you may also have to deal with the hypothermia effect if the water is to cold.

For every 4 levels in swim you may add .25 meters to your water movement.

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