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Red Ash Skills
Memoria Novo (Child of Mentis Diviner)
MAP: 25
Difficulty: Focus + Memoria Novo Levels + 1d20
Save: See Below
Control: Memoria Novo Levels + Focus +1d20 vs Difficulty of 110 + 1 per 2 MAP
NameBaseStepX LvlsPAPMAPSynergy
DESC: Those that pursue the Memoria Novo skill find they can alter the memories of a target. This skill takes time to complete and the user must not be interrupted, or the altered memory will not completly take. Each round the user must spend the MAP and make a roll to determine success. The number of rounds is determined by how personal the memory is to the users life.

Memory Importance:

  • Very - 21 Rounds - Family, Close Friends, Childhood Home, a Skill, Race.
  • Important - 14 Rounds - Distant Family, Old Friends (you have not seen in some time), Your pet as a child.
  • Moderate - 9 Rounds - The street you use to get to work, your first crush, favorite foods, language.
  • Minor - 6 Rounds - Employees, coworkers, supervisors, old jobs, things you have read or heard, a place you have visited on vacation.
  • Passing - 4 Rounds - Strangers you pass in the street, things overheard in a pub.

The save is the targets Identity + Ego + Memoria Novo (or Mentis Magi Levels) + 20 (if actively resisting) + 1d20.

If successful you have added, altered or replaced a memory of the target. Failure grant the target an additional + 20 to resist an further attempts for the next 24 hours (1 day) and the memory may resurface in 1d20 days.

Memories are fully recovered in Identity - 6d20 days.

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