Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Locksmith (Child of Tradesmen)
Difficulty: See Below
Save: Focus + Locksmith Levels + Blacksmith Levels + 1d20 per 3 minute (game time)
DESC: The locksmith has a knowledge of locks, there manipulation and design. The making of a lock requires you to have the blacksmith skill too. Once a lock is made it has its difficulty set by the skill of the designer.

To set a locks difficulty the add the Users Focus + Locksmith Levels + Blacksmith Levels + 1 per 3 days of design and construction. A Locksmith Workshop can add a bonus to the users levels at 1 per 4 levels of the shop and decrease the time to construct by 1 day per 6 levels.

To open a lock the user must have lock picks and results:

Score higher than the difficulty of the lock to open it. A tie or failure goes to the lock and you can try again. Failure by 10 or more means you have broken your picks and need a new set, Failure by 20 mean you have broken the pick inside the lock and jammed it....time to break it.

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