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Red Ash Skills
Frigus Magi (Child of Water)
MAP: 14
Difficulty: See Below
Save: Health + Frigus Magi Levels + 1d20
NameBaseStepX LvlsPAPMAPSynergy
Attack (Range)114
Damage (Range)1515
DESC: Those that pursue the Frigus Magi skills find they can harness the deadly power of cold. A power that lowers the targets temperature dealing damage and draining away their will to fight as fatigue sets in (apply the hypothermia effect) if they fail your difficulty of Frigus Magi Levels + Focus + 1d20. The amount of pap drained is 1 per every 3 points of damage dealt. NOTE: that creatures immune to cold or do not take damage from your cold are not affected.

Frigus Magi is a skill that taps into the primordial power of cold. This may be a base skill for more powers.

This power can be used as a defense action to deflect cold based attacks. Deflection will reduced the damage you take from an attack.

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