Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Bind Soul (Child of Soul)
MAP: 20
Difficulty: Power + Bind Soul Levels + 1d20
Save: Identity + Bind Soul Levels + 1d20
NameBaseStepX LvlsPAPMAPSynergy
Attack (Range)115
# of Targets1110
DESC: This is a spell that can attach a soul, that is leaving its body due to death, to an object. A seal is used to keep the soul in place without having to maintain a constant flow of MAP to power the spell. Once the seal is broken the soul is able to leave its container.

The soul can be bound to an object for transport or confinement and once bound to an object must be released (break the seal) before Resurrection can be performed.

If the soul wins the role it escapes into the ether, if it fails it is bound to a physical object and at the mercy of the user.

All that is left of the target is the Identity and so the object with a bound soul will have a MAP score using the same math as used on a character. This MAP can be used by an arcane caster that has access to the Bind Soul Spell.

The user gains a +5 bonus to the difficulty if the object the soul is to be bound to is a container with a lid or stopper, like a wine bottle with a cork or a canning jar.

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