Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Pathogen
CJD (Spongiform Encephalopathy)
This disease affects the brain. It replicates by mutating brain cells, leaving holes in the remaining brain tissue. It is caused by eating contaminated meat, or sporadic mutation or inherited. Sporadic mutation activates the disease by means of an unknown catalyst. Inherited means the defective cells are dormant in one or both parents and have activated in your body due to an unknown catalyst.

Regardless of the method of infection the infection is incurable and always fatal. Most die in 6 months with a few living for 1 year.
Prion - A Prion is a type of protein that is misfolded. When introduced into a host this deformed fold can reproduce and cause various diseases.
Food - The pathogen infects by eating a contamentated food source
  • Lethality: 100%
  • Infection Rate: 10%
  • Contamenation Area: 0 Meters
  • Gestation Period: 4 Days
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Save: Identity
  • Advancement Time: 1 Week
  • Life Span: 2 Years
  • Residual Life: 1 Year
Stage 1: Dementia - Loss of problem solving, focus and language skills. Muscle spasms are minor

Stage 2: Memory loss - Forgets what they are doing, where they live, what their name is and who they know. Muscle spasms are major

Stage 3: Personality changes - Infected will behave in a manor that is not normal for their character. Muscle spasms are major

Stage 4: Hallucinations - Reaction without stimulus or Improper reaction to real stimulus. Muscle spasms are major

Stage 5: Death

Everytime the savings throw is rolled (win or lose) the difficulty increases by 5 points
Survivor Results:

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