Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Class Feat
Name Improved Feint
Cost Related 10
Open 20
Level 4
Max Levels 10
Skill requirements (per feat level)
R/O Name Level
Required Child of Melee 10
Benefits per level
Type Benefit
Combat Action +2 Feint
DESC: Increase the success threshold by -1 and increase the failure threshold by +1 per level bought. The normal feint success starts at 10 over the defenders roll and failure is 10 under the defenders roll. Every level of improved feint will lower the success from 10 to 9 over, then 8 over, then 7 over and so on (till it is 0 over) for each level of improved feint. Each level also improves the failure by increasing the failure threshold from 10 under to 11 under, 12 under and so on.

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