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Status is the current condition of your character that is a container for one or more various effects. Even if your character is at full health you will have the default status of Healthy. A DM may even use the "?#" (# = count value) as a clue to your character that, something is not right. The DM may not tell the player what the character has untill days or weeks later (game time), if at all. The character may need to seek out a profesional to determine the cause of the afliction.


The effects can come from any number of sources and many can be applied more than once. You can be diseased more than once once with different diseases for example.

  • ?#: You have 1 or more unknown effects. How you feel or look depend on the effect. For example you may have a disease and feel hot, dizzy and have a bad stomach. This can be caused by a flu but since your character is not a doctor you would not know.
  • Ablaze: You have caught fire. You and Your equipment, weapons and, armor will also take damage of 3 per round until it is extinguished. While you are ablaze you must make a fear check with a difficulty level of difficult (31) vs your; Focus + 10 + 1d20 or acquire the feared effect as well. You may attempt a fear check every turn.
  • Blind: You can not see. All attacks are at -4 at any opponent next to you and you must roll to swing at the right space. The larger the creature the more spaces surround you and the more of a miss opportunity. tiny has a 1 in 8, small has 1 in 12, medium has 1 in 16, large has 1 in 20 and, huge is 1 in 24. You may use a secondary sensory system to "see" the world around you as long as it is of a different type.
  • Charmed: You see the user of charm in a positive manor and will go to great strides to stop others from harming the user. Close friends will aid in your save vs charm if put in a position to kill them (+10).
  • Confused: You have no idea what you are doing or why. your mood swings in wild directions and you may attack friends, enemies, wander, lay down, stare off into space or defend yourself.
  • Crippled #: You have taken damage to your limbs and suffer a -2 to attack and agility per crippling strike. Movement is reduces by 1 until it reaches 0.
  • Dazed: The world is a blur and it is very hard to focus and stay upright. Take a minus -4 on any balance and a -2 to attack and defense and any powers or spells have the save reduced by 4 (making it easier for the target).
  • Dead: You have taken more damage than you have health. Your body will begin decaying shortly.
  • Deaf: You can no longer hear the world around you. Take a -1 on all attack rolls and you can not react to any sound event, but can feel vibrations.
  • Dieing: You are mortally wounded and taking additional damage per round. If your wounds are not tended you will die.
  • Diseased : You have been diseased and will continue to suffer its effects until cured.
  • Distracted: You must spend more MAP to perform any action as you struggle to focus.
  • Drowning: Same as suffocation, but your lungs have filled with a material that must be removed before a number of turns equal to your health score or die.
  • Exhausted: You have acquired the 4Th fatigue counter and require rest. See Fatigue in abilities
  • Fatigued #: You have spent map/pap and earned a fatigue counter (#). Players can gauge your fitness (as a free action) during combat.
  • Feared: A overpowering sense of terror fills you. All you can think about is running away. You may (50%) also drop anything that will slow you down, weapons, shield, backpack, etc...roll for each if target can not move at full speed. If the target can not outrun the user of the fear he will try to cower in a protective location or fall prone sobbing.
  • Frenzied: You have lost yourself to combat. You focus on all targets close to you and must role better than 20 - your awareness on a 1d20. Failure mean you swing at the next closest target even if it is an ally. If in ranged combat or casting you will advance to melee.
  • Healthy: Your in peak health
  • Held: Your movement has been stopped and you will need to free yourself before resuming combat. Casters may still continue using spells but must spend an additional +4 PAP to do so. The foci skills do not need to spend the extra PAP.
  • Hyperthermia : Your body temperature has raised to high and you will begin using PAP at an increasing rate every 10 rounds (-0 PAP the 1st 10, -1 PAP the 2ND, -2 PAP the 3rd, -4 the 4Th, -8 the 5Th, etc..)
  • Hypothermia: Your body temperature has dropped to low and you will begin using PAP at an increasing rate every 10 rounds (-0 PAP the 1st 10, -1 PAP the 2ND, -2 PAP the 3rd, -4 the 4Th, -8 the 5Th, etc..)
  • Paralyzed : You can not move, defend, or attack unless you use foci skills.
  • Petrified: Same as Paralyzed, but also transformed into stone. Even focis skills are not permitted.
  • Poisoned: You are poisoned and are suffering from one of its affects until cured.
  • Prone: You are flat on the ground and will remain that way until you get up. =). oh yes you suffer a -4 vs melee defense while prone, but gain a +4 from ranged attacks. Your attacks are also at a -2 for melee
  • Sleep: Most creatures sleep so this state maybe natural or forced. While you are sleeping you are helpless. Sleeping in an unfamiliar location does tend to make one sleep lightly so add a +10 to wake up.
  • Slowed: You have had your movement reduced.
  • Stunned: You are stunned and can not act.
  • Suffocation: You are unable to breath and will fall unconscious if you do not restart breathing in a number of turn equal to your health.
  • Unbalanced: You are off center and suffer a -2 attack and defense until you can recover on your next turn.
  • Unconscious: You are now helpless and unaware of your surroundings.
  • Undead : You are now an undead.

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