Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Defined Species
Sample Species

Here you will find the species I plan on using for a future game. I offer these as a part of the Red Ash Core System as examples of how a species will look based on the system rules. Although I have them seperated into playable and non-playable groups don't let that stop you from changing that for your own world.

And while it is common to have a human centric story, don't be afraid to retell a story from a different point of view; like the minotaur being a paid guard of the kings treasure and Theseus as a thief, or the story of Medusa looking for a cure to her curse and Perseus as a overly zealous monster hunter drunk on fame and glory. As gamers we all have the ability to retell a story and do so from a very different point of view.

Also feel free to explore alternate interpretations of fantasy creatures, such as the dryad I have defined in Red Ash. Read the mythologies but imagine them anew, ignore the images and use your own ideas.

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