Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Traits
Soul Eater

DESC: You gain nourishment from the consumption of a spirit by attacking the targets identity ability. In return, you can convert the damage into life points.

There are various methods of doing this from touching, to breathing the exhaled breath, or draining the life essence with a kiss, but all require physical contact first and time second. While eating a soul you are vulnerable to attack if in combat.

Once eating you gain hit point from the damage to the victims identity. It adds to your life points and healing any damage you have taken. Anything over your max hit points is lost 1 per 3 rounds.

While feeding, the target can still fight back and so must be incapacitate in some fashion if they resist. You drain at a set rate on the round after you make contact.

PAP: 0
MAP: 2
Type: Damage, Mental
Form: Touch (Identity)
Usage: Activated
Base Cost: -500
  • Damage: Base(10), Step(1), Cost per Step(-500)

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