Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Traits

DESC: Regenerate 1 or more life points per round for -5000 population until you reach your full amount of life points yo have. Note that any damage you take from a weaknesses is not healed by your regeneration, it is healed normally like a person without regeneration.

Regardless of how much damage you take you will always be able to recover in time. Unless the damage you take is from a weakness (or vulnerability) and totals your life points or you take a total of (5 x your life points) in damage.

If part of your body is severed you will only regrow the lost part. You will not grow a clone of yourself, you do recover with no scarring.

You may never gain a benefit during racial build or in game that over rides your vulnerability (immunity to acid when you have a vulnerability to acid). Items and spells that provide protection are OK.

PAP: 0
MAP: 0
Type: Defense, Physical
Form: Self
Usage: Always On
Base Cost: -5000
  • Health Points: Base(1), Step(1), Cost per Step(-2000)

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