Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Traits

DESC: The species with this power is made up of members that are less than the tiny size category. When this power is activated they join together and form one larger creature with all the physical ability scores of a creature that is much bigger. Damage is applied to the individual creatures. When one dies you continue to apply damage to the next one and spending the damage with each hit. For example lets say you have a creature with 10 members each with 2 life points. You score a hit and deal a total of 5 damage. The first and second individuals will die but the third will not. The first is killed with 2 of the 5 damage and leaves 3 damage that is applied to the second. The second is killed with 1 point of damage applied to the third. The third is just damaged and may continue to fight.

In a colony with a lot of individuals the damaged one will be pulled into the center and is lost to attackers. Colony creatures only take half damage from piercing, slashing and chopping attacks that score a successful hit and they are also immune to critical hits.

Size of the colony creature is dependent on the total number of individuals in the colony and the size of the base species.

PAP: 0
MAP: 0
Type: Special
Form: Group
Usage: Activated
Base Cost: -3000

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