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Red Ash Traits
Climate Slug

DESC: Regulating body tempurature is important for a creature to maintain focus and awareness in day to day life. Those that lose either focus or awareness often parish. Sweating is a comon method that many animals stay cool on a hot day as is shivering to stay warm on a cold day. Red Ash implements an automatic cost to fatigue, even if you do nothing.

Your people are sensitive to swings in the environments temperature above and/or below their normal range. These swings are set to these categories Mild, Moderate, Severe, Profound. Mild is +/-3 degrees Celsius (+/-5 degrees Fahrenheit), Moderate is +/-4 to +/-7 degrees Celsius (+/-6 to +/-13 degrees Fahrenheit), Severe is +/-8 to +/-16 Celsius (+/-14 to +/-28 degrees Fahrenheit), Profound is over +/-17 degrees Celsius (+/-29 Fahrenheit). These swings are maintained temperature changes and not the sudden change from a power, spell, or effect. Taking damage from a fireball does not count, but being left in a desert would if it is out of your range.

To make use of this power the designer of the race must select a base temperature. The base human temperature is 36 to 37 degrees Celsius (98-100 degrees Fahrenheit). To compensate humans make use of clothing for warmth and make use of technology for cooling (fans) or make use of cooling environments (the swimming hole).

When a character/unit finds itself in a temperature range outside of its normal one and is exposed or ill-prepared they will begin to suffer the effects of this power. Every turn the user will spend a base PAP and MAP per category of exposure and you can not rest.

Range Category Celcius Fahrenheit Base Effect Effect w/2nd step bought Effect w/3rd step bought
Colder Profound -17 and lower -29 and lower +4 PAP/MAP +8 PAP/MAP +12 PAP/MAP
Severe -8 to -16 -14 to -28 +3 PAP/MAP +6 PAP/MAP +9 PAP/MAP
Moderate -5 to -7 -7 to -13 +2 PAP/MAP +4 PAP/MAP +6 PAP/MAP
Mild -3 to -4 -5 to -6 +1 PAP/MAP +2 PAP/MAP +3 PAP/MAP
Normal Normal - - 0 PAP/MAP 0 PAP/MAP 0 PAP/MAP
Hotter Mild +3 to +4 +5 to +6 +1 PAP/MAP +2 PAP/MAP +3 PAP/MAP
Moderate +5 to +7 +7 to +13 +2 PAP/MAP +4 PAP/MAP +6 PAP/MAP
Severe +8 to +16 +14 to +28 +3 PAP/MAP +6 PAP/MAP +9 PAP/MAP
Profound +17 and higher +29 and higher +4 PAP/MAP +8 PAP/MAP +12 PAP/MAP
PAP: 0
MAP: 0
Type: Damage, Action Points
Form: Self (PAP and MAP)
Usage: Triggered (Cold, Hot)
Base Cost: 500
  • PAP Drain: Base(1), Step(1), Cost per Step(250)
  • MAP Drain: Base(1), Step(1), Cost per Step(250)
  • Preferred Temp: Base(37), Step(1), Cost per Step(0)

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