Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Traits
Aura, Effect

DESC: A vapor cloud surrounds the character and forces a save to anyone not resistant to its type. The base area affected is the area that the character occupies plus 1 space. If the character is fighting 1 opponent then the extra space is in their space, if more than opponent is present then roll a random die to determine which is is affected.

If the species pays for more area then roll for each extra area. This also means that an opponent can be hit more than once and must save for each hit.

A species may have enough additional areas that all the spaces next to them are covered and will force a save to all melee attackers that are in those spaces. If the species has one more space than this area then the extra space will reach out to the second space from the character.

Your species can have more than one type of aura and they will overlap. The area that they cover and their saves does not add to one another, they are separate.

PAP: 3
MAP: 6
Type: Effect
Form: Cloud (Confusion, Daze, Disease, Fear, Slowed, Stunned)
Usage: Activated
Base Cost: -600
Difficulty: Power
Save: Identity
  • Range: Base(0), Step(0), Cost per Step(0)
  • Area: Base(1), Step(1), Cost per Step(-50)
  • Difficulty: Base(0), Step(1), Cost per Step(-300)

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