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Vampire Undead
Base Level 25
For every level under the minimum add 5% to the creation difficulty for a willing subject. An unwilling subject has the difficulty to resist raised by +5
Weight Adjust 100%
Weight adjustment is based on the characters starting weight.
HxWxL Adjust 0%
HxWxL adjustment is based on the characters starting height, width and length and will also adjust its weight, reach and step (also land speed).
XP Gain Adjust 0%
XP adjustment is based on the characters species xp gain and then modified by this value.
Land Speed Adjust +3
Add this value to the characters base species land speed.
Coord. Mod. +10 Focus Mod. +10
Strength Mod. +15 Power Mod. +15
Agility Mod. +10 Aware. Mod. +5
Health Mod. +30 Identity Mod. +0
Nat. Armor Mod. +0 Ego Mod. +10
Ability modifiers can increase(+), decrease(-) or set(no sign) a base value.
  • (100%) Bite: +14 piercing melee damage for Tiny size category, +16 piercing melee damage for Small size category, +19 piercing melee damage for Medium size category, +23 piercing melee damage for Large size category, +26 piercing melee damage for Huge size category
  • (100%) Claws: +10 slashing melee damage for Tiny size category, +12 slashing melee damage for Small size category, +14 slashing melee damage for Medium size category, +17 slashing melee damage for Large size category, +20 slashing melee damage for Huge size category NOTE: if species already has claws then increase damage by 15% and reduce all affected skills by an additional -2
  • (100%) Immunity (Poisoned)
  • (80%) Immunity (Cold) Damage Reduction: +50%
  • (100%) Immunity (Suffocation)
  • (100%) Implant (Spawn)
  • (100%) Implant
  • (100%) Regeneration Health Points: +3
  • (100%) Vulnerability (Light)
  • (100%) Vulnerability (Fire)
  • (100%) Weakness (Divine) Damage: +20
  • (100%) Weakness (Light) Damage: +10
The Vampire is the most powerful kind of undead. It will look like a normal person of its base race, fully fleshed and fully aware of its history and personality. They use this to live within or near a city. A Vampire is the only undead that can make other Vampires (Spawns) by means of a special bite (target gains implant : spawn). A spawn is a special vampire that is sub-servant to their sire, a type of parent and is not meant to be gender specific. While the sire lives they live. Spawns can themselves have spawns, but doing so can bring additional attention the sire may not want. Vampires also gain the ability of producing servants through a different bite (target gains implant - dominate). Servants do not become undead, but instead become willing servants of the one that bit them. Spawns do not gain any abilities or powers over what they normally have. Since Vampires feed on the living the dead do not fear them and will harass and bring unwanted attention to their presence. This can force Vampires to move to new locations from time to time.
Many mortals desire to evade their death and seek out a forbidden knowledge called Undeath. This is a state of existence between life and death. It halts the natural progression of life, death and rebirth. As such most undead can not be killed since they are no longer living and must be destroyed to release the soul to the realm of the dead. Destruction of the undead requires the destruction of the body as a whole and once done the soul will return to the natural life cycle of mortals. Not every undead character is a willing one though. Some are little more than an experiment or a hapless traveler caught up in another characters plans. However the person becomes one of the undead they have a number of changes applied to themselves and these changes depend on the type of undead they become.

The difficulty to become an one of the Undead varies on the characters level verses the undead types minimum level requirement. For a vampire that is level 25 and for every level below that the difficulty increases to complete the ritual spell Undeath successfully. The spells difficulty is set to Arduous plus any modifiers for level shortage. Having more levels than the base does not grant any bonus to lower the difficulty though. Regardless of the type of undead one attempts to become failure means you become a mindless Skeleton. For those that become an undead via another undead such as Zombie, Wight or Vampire The save difficulty is increased by the same value as one who tries to become an Undead by design. Failure of that save means the person becomes Undead of the same type as the one that attacked them. Success means you have resisted the effect at least for that time. For species that are immune to disease can not become undead of any kind.

Undead include the Skeleton, Zombie, Wight, Mummy, Lich and Vampire with the Vampire being the most powerful and Skeletons being a step above animated furniture. Regardless of the type of Undead all of them have a hatred for the living. Lesser Undead (Skeletons and Zombies) will attack the living on sight. Wights and Mummies will exercise more caution and attack at an opportune time. While the greater undead (Liches and Vampires) use their head and sometimes can be found working with the living while it suits them.

The dead despise the undead with a vengeance and will do what they can to expose them to the living.

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