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Lacerian Medium
Population 1896 Construction 125%
Reach 83cm Food 100%
Step 83cm Water 100%
Space (H, W, L) 206cm, 173cm, 123cm Maturity 70%
Measure (H, W, L) 165cm, 90cm, 40cm
Land Speed 6 Birth Rate 12%
Air Speed 0 Life Span 6%
Body Type Stout Weight 107.068 kg
Encumbrance (SA: 65%)
None 31.692 kg Heavy 90.596 kg
Light 41.807 kg Very Heavy 154.654 kg
Medium 59.202 kg Crippling 329.769 kg
Physical Mental
Coordination 98 Focus 98
Strength 102 Power 90
Agility 95 Awareness 100
Health (Life Pnts) 100 (125) Identity 100
Natural Armor 4 Ego 0
P.A.P. 40 M.A.P. 39
Experience Gain 37.92%
Movement per turn
Below is how far a Lacerian can move in 1 turn (4 seconds).
Environment Normal Run
Land 396cm 792cm
Water 396cm 396cm
Air 0cm 0cm
  • Omnivore - This diet is varied and includes plants and meat
  • Tropical(Desert, Forest, Hill, Marsh, Plain)
  • Amphibious
  • Chameleon (Normal) Difficulty: +2, Movement: +4
  • Climate Slug (PAP and MAP) MAP Drain: -2, PAP Drain: 0, Preferred Temp: +78C
  • Arcanist
  • Conscript
  • Devout
  • Marksman
  • Psion
  • Rogue
  • Scout
  • Soldier
The Lacerian is a medium sized reptilian humanoid. A tail protrudes from the back just below the hips. Scale color is mostly an Olive-Drab and is lighter on the neck and front of the torso. The back of the torso and head are patterned with bright colors of Red, Orange or Yellow and trimmed in Black. The head is flat on top and elongated with the nostrils positioned near the end. The mouth is large running almost the entire length of the head. The Eyes are positioned forward of the end of the mouth and have large brown eye with gold flecks under a prominent brow ridge. The skin hangs lose from the chin to the collar bone and the end of the jawline ends in a group of small spiny protrusions. Males and females are hard to tell part as they are almost identical in appearance and have no visible sexual organs. Lacerian males have a faint musky odor that is only noticeable when standing next to one.
Lacerians have limited facial expressions and so many other species find their moods harder to gauge. They are in fact very expressive by inflating their neck skin and the jawline spines to add emphasis to their speech. The spines change color with mood as well. Generally though a Lacerian is mild mannered people if a bit cautious at first. The caution is well deserved as many civilized species look at them as mindless brutes. Lacerians prefer warm climates and can be found in marsh lands or even coastal deserts of the tropics.
Their cities are designed after the beavers dam, but it is made of wood, stone and earth. Many may think it is a large hill on causal inspection. The massive central dome is surrounded by water. The entrances of which are under water and well guarded. The entrance chamber is warm and dry with tunnels leading of to other areas and levels. Interior walls are often painted with Lacerian history and legends. The walls are lit by oil based lamps that are fed from pipes that disappear into the walls.
Lacerian cities are lead by a chief. The chief is elected by the residents of his city when the previous chief has passed. The honored position is commonly awarded to warriors that have proven themselves worthy through deed, service and generosity to the citizens. Other classes have also been elected but it is uncommon. Females are just as likely to be chief as a male.
Noble Dress
Golden skulls worn over the shoulders mark the chief. A leather loop attached to the skulls wrap around the torso just under the opposing shoulders. A Golden Torc is worn around the neck.
Devotes Dress
A devote distinguishes themselves by wearing bead necklaces that show faith and rank.
Arcanist Dress
Arcanist wear thick leather waist belts with arcane studies and rank attached to them.
Combatant Dress
As per armor worn.
Merchant Dress
As per commoner.
Trades Dress
As per commoner.
Commoner Dress
The common Lacerian wears various leather straps and pouches. Footwear is uncommon except in combatant dress. Leather vambraces are often worn as jewelry and commonly inset with amber.

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