Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Species
Human Medium
Population 3600 Construction 100%
Reach 90cm Food 100%
Step 90cm Water 100%
Space (H, W, L) 225cm, 165cm, 125cm Maturity 70%
Measure (H, W, L) 180cm, 75cm, 35cm
Land Speed 6 Birth Rate 12%
Air Speed 0 Life Span 6%
Body Type Moderate Weight 83.498 kg
Encumbrance (SA: 62.5%)
None 24.381 kg Heavy 70.01 kg
Light 32.206 kg Very Heavy 119.68 kg
Medium 45.678 kg Crippling 255.503 kg
Physical Mental
Coordination 100 Focus 100
Strength 100 Power 100
Agility 100 Awareness 100
Health (Life Pnts) 100 (125) Identity 100
Natural Armor 0 Ego 0
P.A.P. 40 M.A.P. 40
Experience Gain 72%
Movement per turn
Below is how far a Human can move in 1 turn (4 seconds).
Environment Normal Run
Land 540cm 10.8m
Water 270cm 270cm
Air 0cm 0cm
  • Omnivore - This diet is varied and includes plants and meat
  • All(All Terrestrial)
  • Critical Thinker
  • Weaker Sex (Female)
  • Arcanist
  • Conscript
  • Devout
  • Marksman
  • Psion
  • Rogue
  • Scout
  • Soldier
Humans are the main stay in most games as we can all relate to them...need to know what a human looks like....look in a mirror!
Humans suffer from a distrust of what they call, "outsiders". This can be other races and even other humans, not from their own home city. Although this is not a universal attitude as many humans take to the adventurers life and seem to enjoy in the challenges presented in the world. Some more timid humans may gravitate towards traveling merchants or if status permits diplomat. The exception to this is in large cities, port towns and trade hubs where a lot of foreigners are frequently seen. In such places the foreigner should take caution of the rougher parts of town as humans may take advantage of the unwary traveler.
The architecture is as varied as the dress and is often inspired, by need, nature or religious influences. Small towns and villages tend to be less formal, with larger cities being highly planned, with water ways, cisterns, sewage and trash dumps, etc...
Often times a royal family is the leadership, but this is not always true even within a single human city population. Humanity seams in a constant struggle for control over itself. Sometimes a royal family is in charge, other times control is lead by a religious group. Other possibilities include a powerful warlord, a general, a council, or an elected official.
Noble Dress
Noble dress is also a reflection of culture and can vary widely. One common thread is the material is always of the highest quality and design. Gold, Silver and various gemstones are all a common part of dress, with special occasions involving the most display. Such displays are often a show of wealth and status, with care given to not out dress the king/queen.
Devotes Dress
Devotes usually are in one of three generalized styles of dress. The first is the organized group religion and is usually a finer dress for the higher level officials and a simple plain (usually brown robes) dress of the lower ranks. The second is the monastic organizations that have a certain sense of equality and reflect that in their common dress. Robes are typically of one color. Primitive religious groups are the third type and the dress is often made from natural materials that can contain, hides, feathers, furs, bones, shells, woven fiber, or some combination of these mixed with robes.
Arcanist Dress
Arcanist dress is usually robes. Color is used to indicate a particular school of study, or teacher that they followed. It is also common to decorate the robes to various degrees with symbols of the arcane and the heavens. Additional items worn may be sashes, hats, tabards, mantles.
Combatant Dress
Per the armor worn. Characters that are a part of an official military unit also include a symbol on the armor, shield, tabard or is displayed on a standard (flag on a pole carried) that announces what kingdom they belong to.
Merchant Dress
As commoner but the material is often of a finer weave and more embellished.
Trades Dress
As commoner dress, but often includes heavy protective garments for the skill they practice, blacksmiths will wear heavy aprons and gloves, carpenters will wear gloves and a small cloth apron to hold tools and material.
Commoner Dress
Commoner dress depend greatly on regional and ethnic background. Generally speaking commoner dress is often made of a woven plant fiber, or stitched leather. Colors are commonly earth tones with brighter colors used during special occasions. Hats are often worn by those that are exposed to the sun much of the day, like farmers. Footwear is common, sandals in warmer climates and boots in colder ones.

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