Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Species
Dwarf Medium
Population 3012 Construction 120%
Reach 75cm Food 100%
Step 75cm Water 100%
Space (H, W, L) 188cm, 175cm, 120cm Maturity 70%
Measure (H, W, L) 150cm, 100cm, 45cm
Land Speed 6 Birth Rate 12%
Air Speed 0 Life Span 6%
Body Type Hulking Weight 119.282 kg
Encumbrance (SA: 62.5%)
None 34.83 kg Heavy 100.014 kg
Light 46.009 kg Very Heavy 170.971 kg
Medium 65.254 kg Crippling 365.004 kg
Physical Mental
Coordination 100 Focus 100
Strength 100 Power 96
Agility 98 Awareness 98
Health (Life Pnts) 104 (129) Identity 100
Natural Armor 0 Ego 4
P.A.P. 40 M.A.P. 39
Experience Gain 60.24%
Movement per turn
Below is how far a Dwarf can move in 1 turn (4 seconds).
Environment Normal Run
Land 450cm 900cm
Water 225cm 225cm
Air 0cm 0cm
  • Omnivore - This diet is varied and includes plants and meat
  • All(Hill, Mountain, Underground)
  • Arcanist
  • Conscript
  • Devout
  • Marksman
  • Psion
  • Rogue
  • Scout
  • Soldier
Dwarves are impressively built humanoids. Thick muscles knot around their stout bodies. These are people of the mountain, imposing and unforgiving. All adult Dwarves are bearded, including the women. Dwarven beards are usually braided in some fashion with a few metal beads woven in.
Dwarves are a hard people often closed off to outsiders, this mistrust is born from the isolation they maintain from other species. Once they get to know you though they are quite open and often boisterous. Dwarves are also very industrious and they share a great pride in their craftsmanship and engineering. Many dwarves think they are the best craftsman and engineers in all the lands, this is a fact they point out during a night of carousing.
Dwarven cities are named for heroes and legendary battles. This is usually appended with words like hold, keep, trust and the like. The cities themselves are impressive and grand with buildings built into the sides of large caverns from floor to ceiling. Massive pillars are placed throughout a city to provide more stability to the cavern ceiling. A slight breeze of cool fresh air drifts through the city. Pipes run through the city to provide water to homes, businesses and public fountains. All the streets are clean and provide sure footing. Waste and sewage is removed via a series of tunnels that run below the city.
Dwarves have numerous noble bloodlines, but leadership of any city is decided by the deeds of the those that court the position and the other noble heads that align their families with them. Once the leader is chosen most opposition dissolves and dwarven life continues as normal.
Noble Dress
Perfectly tailored clothing. Gold is abundant in thick wristbands and wide plate necklaces bearing the family crest. Finely braided beards are adorned with gem encrusted beads.
Devotes Dress
Long robes clean and crisp and covered by a tabard emblazon with the symbol of their worship. Beards are decorated with symbols of the faith.
Arcanist Dress
Usually long robes dark and stained and smelling of unknown pungent odors from secretive arcane studies. Beards are decorated with symbols of the the arcane.
Combatant Dress
Finely crafted dwarven armor and weapons, paid for by the wearer of course. Beards are decorated with symbols of combat and honors.
Merchant Dress
Standard Dwarven Tunic And Pants.
Trades Dress
Standard Dwarven Tunic And Pants with a work apron related to the tradesman’s craft.
Commoner Dress
Standard Dwarven Tunic And Pants

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