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Red Ash Species
Agustinia Massive
Population -3598 Construction 100%
Reach 200cm Food 120%
Step 200cm Water 120%
Space (H, W, L) 600cm, 550cm, 16m Maturity 70%
Measure (H, W, L) 400cm, 350cm, 15m
Land Speed 4 Birth Rate 12%
Air Speed 0 Life Span 6%
Body Type Stout Weight 20.955 mt
Encumbrance (SA: 162.5%)
None 9.472 mt Heavy 24.017 mt
Light 12.074 mt Very Heavy 39.348 mt
Medium 16.394 mt Crippling 80.886 mt
Physical Mental
Coordination 85 Focus 80
Strength 180 Power 80
Agility 54 Awareness 120
Health (Life Pnts) 150 (175) Identity 100
Natural Armor 10 Ego 0
P.A.P. 47 M.A.P. 38
Experience Gain -71.96%
Movement per turn
Below is how far a Agustinia can move in 1 turn (4 seconds).
Environment Normal Run
Land 800cm 16m
Water 400cm 400cm
Air 0cm 0cm
Physical Threat Range
The distance from the Agustinia body to the target from the side closest to the target.
Type Ttl Reach
Bite 600cm
Tail 800cm
  • Herbivore - This diet contains mostly plant
  • Temperate(Forest, Hill, Marsh)
  • Tropical(Forest, Hill, Marsh)
  • Bite: +29 bludgeoning melee damage
  • Level Limit Max Level: +10
  • Long Neck Space: +4
  • Long Tail Space: +6
  • Racial Levels Racial Levels: +10
  • Tail, Damage (Piercing) Attack: +3, Damage: +15
  • Racial, Herd Member
Agustinia is a sauropod dinosaur with the typical long neck and small head. From the back of the head a row of armored plates stand out along its spine with large body plates that protect the sides. The tail is also long adding to almost 50% for their total body length and it to is armored with the end of the tail ending in a cluster of spikes used to defend itself.
The Agustinia are normally calm even around smaller predators. In the presence of predators near their size they are more defensive and will face off those that try to harm their herd or young. In combat they will use their tails to wound enemies and try to knock them down. Then they use their immense size to trample an opponent to death.
These sauropods are not lead by any know dominant leader. They stay together in close knit family groups wandering from one grazing grounds to another. During the early spring the various family groups travel a long distance to a breeding grounds where family groups meet and mate. After mating they break apart into their family groups and move on to various birthing grounds.
Encounter Count
Stragglers 1 to 2 (old, lame, and/or sickly)
Herd, Small 5-14
Herd, Medium 15 - 29
Herd, Large 30+
Agustinia are not trainable.

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