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Red Ash Species
Agilisaurus Small
Population 4512 Construction 75%
Reach 180cm Food 75%
Step 180cm Water 75%
Space (H, W, L) 216cm, 210cm, 180cm Maturity 70%
Measure (H, W, L) 36cm, 30cm, 90cm
Land Speed 8 Birth Rate 10%
Air Speed 0 Life Span 6%
Body Type Moderate Weight 60.389 kg
Encumbrance (SA: 62.5%)
None 17.633 kg Heavy 50.633 kg
Light 23.293 kg Very Heavy 86.557 kg
Medium 33.036 kg Crippling 184.789 kg
Physical Mental
Coordination 106 Focus 100
Strength 100 Power 94
Agility 112 Awareness 106
Health (Life Pnts) 110 (135) Identity 94
Natural Armor 6 Ego 0
P.A.P. 43 M.A.P. 39
Experience Gain 90.24%
Movement per turn
Below is how far a Agilisaurus can move in 1 turn (4 seconds).
Environment Normal Run
Land 14.4m 28.8m
Water 720cm 720cm
Air 0cm 0cm
Physical Threat Range
The distance from the Agilisaurus body to the target from the side closest to the target.
Type Ttl Reach
Bite 280cm
Claws 180cm
Tail 380cm
  • Herbivore - This diet contains mostly plant
  • Temperate(Forest, Hill, Marsh)
  • Tropical(Forest, Hill, Marsh)
  • Bite: +13 bludgeoning melee damage
  • Claws: +12 slashing melee damage, Bonus, Skill Tree[Climbing]: +5, Reduction, Skill Tree[All Weapon Skills]: -2
  • Distance Runner Rounds till Consumption: +4
  • Level Limit Max Level: +10
  • Long Neck Space: +1
  • Long Tail Space: +2
  • Racial Levels Racial Levels: +10
  • Tail, Damage (Bludgeoning) Attack: +1, Damage: +10
  • Racial, Herd Member
Agilisaurus is a small herbivore dinosaur with long powerful legs and short thick arms. Its long head has a modest bony ridge above the eyes and a tapering snout that ends in a beak like mouth. The head is supported on a long neck. The skin is covered in small scales in a mottled pattern of olive, green, brown and black. A long tail extends out from their body for balance. Their feet end in claws that are meant for control and traction while running, or combat and their clawed hands are use for digging and combat.
These animals are herd grazers that do not cluster as closely as other herd animals will. They are very alert to danger and will make use of their speed at the first sign of danger. If trapped they will fight as best they can. If the Agilisaurus does not perceive a threat they are quite passive.
Agilisaurus have no central controlling figure or group. Males will try to attract as many females to the multiple nest he will make of stone dug from the ground as he can. Once the mating groups are determined the females will lay and tend to their eggs and will only leave it for food or extreme danger. A female will defend their nest if they are able to. The male, by this time, has left the group and wanders around the herd feeding. Females lay large groups of eggs of around 12-15 with only a few making it to hatching.
Encounter Count
Stragglers 1 to 4 (old, lame, and/or sickly)
Herd, Small 10-39
Herd, Medium 40 - 129
Herd, Large 130+
Agilisaurus are not trainable but can be easily controlled when not threatened.

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