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Undeath (Child of Bind Soul)
DESC: Undeath is a spell to apply the undead effect to a target. This spell is not reversible once a character becomes undead, you can not rejoin the living world. Undeath is a means of cheating death to gain a measure of immortality. It is this cheat that angers the denizens of the spirit realm. The casting time is 3 days and will consume 50 MAP per total levels of target. creatures without levels are immune to this spell. Failure to apply the full MAP cost will fail the spell. After the casting is complete he/she must rest for 1 day per 10 MAP spent.

The type of undead made depends on current level of the target and the amount of MAP one applies to the casting. Once you become undead you will be seen as an abomination to both the world of the living and the realm of the dead.

The base difficulty to become a specific type of undead is 6 x the base level for the undead. You must win this savings roll or on failure you become a mindless rogue skeleton (one that has no master).

See the Templates section of Red Ash and look at the available Undead Templates

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