Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Trapper (Child of Tradesmen)
Difficulty: Focus + Trapper Levels + 1d20
Save: Awareness + Trapper Levels + 1d20
DESC: The trapper skill grants the user knowledge of making, setting and disarming; snares, pits, trip wires, etc. This is mainly used for trapping animals for pelts and food but can be expanded to monsters and characters.

For animals and monsters...trapping is used to capture a target of a specific size category. Target is a general term here as you may be trying to capture a bear but end up with a wolf. The trap works best left alone, but can be managed. The difference is when left alone the time to capture is 6 hours per size category(6 hours for tiny, 12 for small, 18 for medium,etc...) while the time to capture a managed trap is 16 hours per size category.

Next you determine if you caught the desired target with a 100% base minus 15% per size category (Tiny is 85%, small is 70%, etc...)

Traps can just capture a target, or they can also do damage. These traps do not need to be any more complex than a non-damaging version. For every 2 levels in traps a user can have a trap do 1 point of damage as a spear or as a club. Another alternative is a trap designed to cripple limbs. If the target is caught by one of these they acquire the crippled status.

When traps are set to capture a character, the character get to notice the trap and react to it. This is done with a roll of:

If the target succeeds in spotting the trap they can avoid it, trigger it or damage it. If the target fails in spotting it then they set it off and suffer the effects of the trap. If the target fails by 15 or more they are knocked out.

Once caught a target may attempt an escape from a trap one per round. The roll is targets; strength + endurance levels + 1d20 vs the traps user; focus + trapper levels + 10. If the trap does damage you will take 1 point of additional damage per round of effort. If the trap is just to capture then the difficulty is raised another +5

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