Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Tracker (Child of Tradesmen)
Difficulty: See Below
Save: Awareness + Tracker Levels + 1d20
DESC: The tracker skill is a knowledge of tracking a target. This is done with a keen eye for things that are out of place and travel impressions of a passing target. This skill is made difficult by a number of issues, like elapsed time since the target passed, weather (rainfall, wind and snow), the density of traffic of path used, the hardness of the ground, plant density over path taken, size of the target and the number of members in the target.

This must be rolled once every hour (game time) to follow a trail left behind. Failure means you have lost the trail and must spend an hour (game time) to re-acquire the trail. Success by 10 or more means you close an hour to your target.

A target always starts x number of hours (or even days) ahead of the players. If the target is aware of trackers, or even suspects they may add an additional modifier to the trail difficulty if one of the targets has tracker too. So for every 2 levels of tracking a target can add +1 to the difficulty per hours spent hiding their true path.
Start with a hard difficulty and adjust the value with these modifiers.

  • +2 difficulty per day since target passed through area.
  • +10 difficulty for stone ground
  • +5 for hard packed earth
  • +0 for average packed earth
  • -5 for soft packed earth
  • -10 for sandy, muddy, or snow covered ground
  • +4 per hour of rain between user and target
  • +10 per hour of snow between user and target
  • +2 per hour of wind between user and target
  • +8 for highly traveled path
  • -4 for forest or marsh path
  • -2 for hills or plains path
  • +0 for desert or mountain path
  • -2 per difference in target size larger than user
  • +2 per difference is target size smaller than user
  • -4 per member in target
  • +50 in air
  • +45 in water
  • -15 for scent power
  • -30 for scent, blood power and target has wounds

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