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Red Ash Skills
Surgeon (Child of Healer)
Difficulty: See Below
Save: Focus + Surgeon Levels + 1d20
DESC: Surgeon is a skill in invasive medical treatments. Surgeons must have steady hands and the ability to stand for long hours to work. Any effect a surgeon finds themselves under that affects their steadiness can not use this skill, fear or crippled for example.

Example Issues

  • External cuts: Moderate Difficulty
  • Removal of superficial foreign object: Hard Difficulty
  • Repair of ligaments, muscles: Arduous Difficulty
  • Internal bleeding: Extreme Difficulty
  • Removal of foreign object with internal bleeding: Extreme Difficulty
  • Reconstruction of shattered bones: Insane Difficulty
  • Relieve pressure from head trauma: Insane Difficulty
  • Repair nerve damage: Godly Difficulty

Additional Modifiers

  • Similar Race to one known: +1 skill difficulty (moderate becomes hard)
  • Unlike Race to one known: +2 skill difficulty (moderate becomes arduous)

Skill roll is: Surgeon Levels + Focus + 1d20

Recovery time can vary and can be set by the DM.

A user can fail this roll three times before the target dies, loses ability points, power levels and/or, powers.

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