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Red Ash Skills
Stone Meld (Child of Earth)
MAP: 15
DESC: This spell permits a user to pass through earth, stone and even metal. The speed of which is very limited so you will never be able to use this to gain an immunity to metal weapons. You can however move yourself and a number of others through the earth or avoid damage from a fall of great height.

This spell does not mean you can breath earth, so you must hold your breath as if you where underwater. You are also blind unless you have a secondary sensory ability like, blindsense or echo location.

When the spell ends you must be out of the ground (wall,earth, etc...) or you die.

MaterialMax SpeedDurationCost/+1 Person
Earth3(Power/10) +1 round(4 skill levels)8
Stone2(Power/10) +1 round(8 skill levels)10
Metal1(Power/10) +1 round(12 skill levels)12

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