Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Stealth (Child of Discipline)
Difficulty: Awareness + Stealth Levels + 1d20
Save: Sensory + Spot Levels + 1d20 per sensory system (Eco Location and Hearing use Listen in place of Spot)
DESC: Stealth is a characters way of avoiding detection by sticking to shadows or using special clothing (like the ghillies suit) to break up the shape of the body and blend into the background. Other methods may be developed (via magic, science, etc..) to overcome secondary sensory systems like a radiant barrier to thwart thermal vision.

This is a contested skill. You set a difficulty for ALL nearby characters. The stealth user needs only one roll.

The DM may add a modifier to either side of roll depending on the environmental conditions. For example a stealth user may work well under a moonless night vs opponents with just normal vision and gain a +5 to the stealth users roll. By the same rule a stealth user under the same conditions but verses a race with thermal vision may stand out like a glowing sign granting the opponents a +5 to their rolls.

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