Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Ritual (Root Skill)
DESC: The root skill needed to learn ritual spells (skills). The ritual caster has the ability to join MAP into a large pool controlled by a lead caster. Levels bought in this skill reflect an understanding of ritual casting, ritual lore, and is used as a skill to determine a ritual casting being done. For every 3 levels you have you may add a +1 to counter a ritual spell (skill).

The ritual caster is a moderate caster when solo, but in a group they provide a massive pool of MAP to cast spells well beyond their normal level. This pool of MAP does not reset with fatigue so the merge end once the initial pool is consumed. Of course there is risk in such things but first the ritualist must be of the same faith. The joining of MAP pools must be done with complete trust in your ritual leader, else he/she can leave the members exhausted and helpless. Secondly the leader must make a control roll or suffer a penalty. The penalty is one member of the pool, excluding the leader, is struck dumb and will have their focus, awareness, power and identity set to 15 until penance is made. In addition, the full amount of their initial contribution is removed from the merged pool. Lastly whenever the merger ends the leader gains 3 fatigue points, everyone else gains 1.

Unlike other casters the ritual caster must spend all map for the spell selected and modified as they release it. Ritual casters can modify spells the round they start and so are not limited to the base cost on the first round. They are only limited by the amount of MAP they have available per round, the skill of the spells they know and dare control. Any casting a ritual user releases requires a control roll. The base of this is as the spell describes or at the fair difficulty plus modifications to the spell raises the difficulty by +3 per MAP spent on the spell vs the Users Focus + Ritual Levels + 1d20

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