Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Psyche (Root Skill)
DESC: The root skill needed to pursue Psyche Skills. Levels bought in this skill reflect an understanding of Psyche Casting, Psyche Lore, and is used as a skill to determine the Psyche Casting being done. For every 3 levels you have you may add a +1 to counter a Psyche Skill.

Psyche users have many names; mind mages, psionics, etc...They are more feared than the Arcana or Ritual Caster because of their powers. This is due to some spells that a psyche user has access to needs only to concentrate on a target and activates the power. So even though it is called casting, it is nothing like the hand signs and arm movements of the arcana user or the rhythmic chants and prayers of the ritual user.

When a psyche user cast a spell they spend the MAP/PAP for the base features like any other caster, but on the next round they can maintain it with a focus roll and initiate another casting or adjust the existing one. This is called layering and only the psyche user can do this. This does not mean it is easy, or for that matter free. A Psyche User must make a control roll of the psyche users; Focus + The Skill Level being used + 1d20 vs a hard difficulty + 5 per active psyche skill. Failure means you lose all control dropping all active psyche skills. If the user fails by 10 or more you suffer a backlash and earn a fatigue point. This will drop your PAP and MAP pools to the next level any points you have over the max for that level are lost. If you have less you keep them.

You also have to pay each round the cost for all active psyche skills and any new or changed psyche skills.

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