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Red Ash Skills
Mentis Diviner (Child of Mind)
MAP: 0
Difficulty: See Below
Save: See Below
NameBaseStepX LvlsPAPMAPSynergy
DESC: Those that pursue the Mentis Diviner skills can peel back the memories of the target and reveal what knowledge exist, even long forgotten. The skills difficulty is affected by range with farther distances being more challenging. To get at the desired information that a target has the user must win a number of rolls against the target. The number of rolls is determined based on how fresh the information is and how big an impact it had on the users life.


  • Life Changing Event: +1 roll
  • >5 years: +0 roll
  • +5 years: +1 roll
  • +10 years: +2 roll
  • +15 years: +3 roll
  • etc...
  • Important Event: +2 roll
  • >2 years: +0 roll
  • +2 years: +1 roll
  • +4 years: +2 roll
  • +6 years: +3 roll
  • etc...
  • Memorable Event: +3 roll
  • >6 months: +0 roll
  • +6 months: +1 roll
  • +12 months: +2 roll
  • +18 months: +3 roll
  • etc...
  • Lessor Event: +4 roll
  • >2 months: +0 roll
  • +2 months: +1 roll
  • +4 months: +2 roll
  • +6 months: +3 roll
  • etc...
  • Minor Event: +5 roll
  • >15 days: +0 roll
  • +15 days: +1 roll
  • +30 days: +2 roll
  • +45 days: +3 roll
  • etc...

The difficulty is based on the importance of the event, distance between the user and target, if the user is aware of your efforts and if they are resisting you.
  • Life Changing Event: Base difficulty 100
  • Important Event: Base difficulty 110
  • Memorable Event: Base difficulty 120
  • Lessor Event: Base difficulty 130
  • Minor Event: Base difficulty 150

The roll is users; Mentis Diviner levels + Focus + 1 per round of focus - 20 (if trying to perform this unnoticed) + Power (if power is used you are trying to rip the information form the targets mind and you must make a control roll to avoid damaging the targets mind) + 1d20 vs the targets Identity + Ego + Mentis Diviner (or Mentis Magi Levels) + Base Difficulty + (range2) + 20 (if actively resisting) + 1d20.

You can make as many attempts as you want, but once you or your target becomes exhausted both must rest for a day before trying again. Once you make a roll you do not need to repeat the roll for the same question. So if 3 rolls are needed to learn the answer to a question and you only win 1 roll on the first day, the next day you still only need to make 2 rolls for that question.

If the user adds their Power to the roll they must make a control roll or damage the targets mind. The roll is the users; Focus + Mentis Diviner levels + 1d20 vs a hard difficulty + the users power. If the user wins no damage is done, if they fail then the amount failed by is subtracted from the targets Identity. For every 20 point below their starting Identity the user will be required to make an additional roll to find the answer to a quest still being asked. Once the targets Identity is at 0 they are a in a vegetative state and can no longer provide answers to any questions.

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