Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Lightening (Child of Air)
MAP: 15
Control: Lightening Levels + Focus +1d20 vs Difficulty of 110 + 1 per 3 MAP
NameBaseStepX LvlsPAPMAPSynergy
Attack (Range)313
Damage (Range)3014
# of Targets115
DESC: This spell allows the user to summon lightening to his hands and then project it in a ray at opponents.

Lightening does more base damage than other attack spells but is also harder to control. Before the spell can be released you must win a control roll. Should you fail the control you are struck by a backlash for the damage set.

When the spell is released a roll to hit with a ranged attack is required. If the user scores over the defense of the target then apply the damage, minus any lightening resistance they may have. If the attacker and defender tie then deal only half damage. If the defender wins then you miss. Repeat this for each additional target.

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