Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Jump (Child of Endurance)
Save: Strength + Jump Levels + 1d20
DESC: Jump is a skill to cross a distance or to move up over something. Most creatures have the ability to jump and some are better at it than others. You can use jumping as a part of a charge action but at a loss of agility once you leave the ground. Otherwise you can run, jump and attack in the same round. Jumping is broken into a few different types; standing, running and, hurdling.

Jumping Levels are used to adjust the angle modifier roll to 10. With 10 representing the perfect angle needed for the type of jump you are trying to perform.


  • Your land speed is distance moved in meters traveled. You can only move half of your distance before starting the jump so reduce by 1/2.
  • Vaulting is making use of leverage to increase your distance. Add the vault item's length to the strength.
  • The Angle Modifier a percentage. Roll 1d20 with 10 being the exact attack angle you need and scores a 100%. For every point above will reduce the angle modifier by 5%. Every point below will also reduce your jump by 5% except for hurdling which will also force a balance check to stay on you feet, and if you succeed to stay on your feet but lose 2 points to speed for the next round. fail again and the speed is reduced by another 2 (for 4 total) and so on until you are forced to restart the hurdle. You can use your Jump Levels to adjust this roll to 10 or reduce the severity of a failed roll.
  • For every level of encumbrance over your species normal reduce the result by 30%. Also do not forget to reduce your land speed, see System Basics - Size, Weight and Encumbrance.

Jump Types

  • A standing jump for distance will modify the result by *.56
    Formula: ((strength+step) * .56)*(100/Angle Modifier)
  • A standing jump for height will add step to strength and modify the result by *.25
    Formula: ((strength+step) * .25)
  • A running jump for distance will add speed to strength plus land speed and modify the result by *.56
    Formula: (((strength+step) + (Land Speed/2)) * .56)*(100/Angle Modifier)
  • A running jump for height will add speed and step to strength and modify the result by *.25
    Formula: (((strength+step) + (Land Speed/2)) * .25)*(100/Angle Modifier)
  • Hurdling is treated as a running jump for height but the modifier is *.125. You can not use vaulting with hurdling.
    Formula: (((strength+step) * .125)*(100/Angle Modifier)

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