Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Image Projection (Child of Mentis Magi)
MAP: 20
Control: Image Projection Levels + Focus +1d20 vs Difficulty of 100 + 1 per 3 MAP
NameBaseStepX LvlsPAPMAPSynergy
Area (Melee)441Species Size
Attack (Melee)212
Defense (Melee)212
Attack (Range)212
Defense (Range)212
# of Targets315
DESC: This is an enhanced power of the Mentis Magi. It allows a user to include the visual imagery seen by the "speaker" that is in the group communication. "Listeners" see an overlay of the "speakers" view, this is disorienting to users that do not possess the Mentis Magi skill and many simply close their own eyes to avoid falling down. Balance check vs a moderate difficulty.

As with the base Mentis Magi channeling attack, the Image Projection can also be used as an attack.

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