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Red Ash Skills
History (Child of R/W Language)
Difficulty: A value set by the DM
Save: Focus + History Levels + 1d20
DESC: History refers to the history of a people and so is a child skill of that races language. All characters have at least 1 level in their own history. History also has a slant as it shares the races point of view.

History is only black and white if the history is recent and all parties have well stated and documented motivations. Otherwise the more time between the event and the current date, history becomes lost to rumor, distortion and legend. Below is a list of event skill difficulties:

Example Difficulties

  • Well known event: Fair
  • known event: Moderate
  • Uncommon knowledge event: Hard
  • Secreted Event: Arduous

Event Difficulty Modifiers

  • Lost Language: +3 difficult levels, Fair becomes Arduous
  • Prehistory: +4 difficulty levels, Fair becomes Extreme
  • Library with relevant information: -1 difficulty value per library level, so a Fair difficulty at 100 becomes a 90 with a level 10 library.
  • For every 100 years since the event(Not Prehistory): +2 difficulty, so Fair difficulty at 100 becomes 102 if over 100 hundred years, 104 if over 200 hundred years.

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