Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Golem (Child of Animate)
MAP: 40
Control: Golem Levels + Focus +1d20 vs Difficulty of 85 + 1 per 3 MAP
NameBaseStepX LvlsPAPMAPSynergy
Granted Coordination014Focus
Granted Strength014Power
Granted Agility014Awareness
Natural Armor5012
Land Speed018
DESC: This is a more advanced version of animate that will allow the user to make and issue simple commands to the Golem. Golems are made from any inanimate material and reform to a shape that is a general copy of the users racial form. There must be sufficient material to make the golem of a desired size. Always figure MAP cost to the size produced.

The size of a golem uses the species size chart and starts at miniature and can go to gargantuan with a cost of (size category +1)x20. With that comes the base stats for power, agility, land speed, space, reach, step, etc...

Health is always 0 since it is not alive. So you can't kill it, you destroy it by damaging it an amount equal to its natural armor. Its Natural Armor is based on the source material and multiplied by (size category +5) plus its base of 50 and any more the user buys. Soft earth or flesh is 2, hard earth or wood is 4, stone is 6, soft metal is 8 and hard metal is 10.

Controlling a golem requires a users focus + golem levels + 1d20 vs the golems total MAP cost. Failure and the golem behaves erratically as if it acquired the confused status. Regaining control requires another roll on another round.

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