Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Fisher (Child of Tradesmen)
Save: Awareness + Fisher Levels + 1d20
DESC: Fisher is the skill of the fisherman. Using this skill a character can provide food while spending time near any healthy body of water as long as they have the proper gear. A fishing pole is the common item for catching a single fish at a time. A net for 1d6+4 fish caught at a time. For every level you have in fishing improves your odds of catching fish, judging what to toss back and if it is editable. Preparing fish for consumption requires butcher and cooking. The rating for unusable fish (throw back) is 40%.

The skill check can be made every 10 minutes (game time) against a default difficulty of Moderate

add a +10 to the difficulty for no fishing gear.

Fish can also be caught and sold in market for money. Price will depend on demand and Freshness.

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