Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Entertainer (Child of Tradesmen)
Difficulty: Awareness + Entertainer Levels + 1d20
Save: Audiences Awareness + Identity + 1d20
DESC: This is the skill that envelopes the actor, the singer, the juggler, the bard, the minstrel, and others. You perform for others in some fashion and earn a living from it. For every level of entertainer you gain more skill, fame and wages for performances. Since entertainer is so broad you can specify a type of work you perform, singer for example, and earn a +2 to skill checks with it. For every 4 levels of entertainer you can add additional types or just keep increasing the same one, adding +2 each time.

Example Difficulties

  • If the user has 10 or more points over the targets then the show was great and your earnings double.
  • If the user wins then they earn their wage.
  • If the targets win they receive you coolly.
  • If the targets win by 5 or more they toss insults at you.
  • If the targets win by 10 or more you have offended them and they demand their money back.

Targets is the crowd as a whole. So to reduce the roll to a single value your the default stats for the race. For a multiracial audience find the average of the racial abilities and use that. Drinks refer to alcoholic drinks.

Expectation is also a factor for a performer. A street performer has a lower level of expectation than one that performs for ticketed events and a stage entertainer will have less expectation than one that performs for a nobles event.

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