Red Ash World Engine beta v2
Red Ash Skills
Arcana (Root Skill)
DESC: The root skill needed to pursue arcane skills. The arcane caster has the ability to extend spells as needed. Levels bought in this skill reflect an understanding of arcane casting, arcane lore, and is used as a skill to determine a arcane casting being done.

For every 3 levels you have you may add a +1 to counter a arcane skill.

When a arcane user starts casting a spell they state the spell to be cast and pay the minimum M.A.P. cost at the end of their turn. They then can release it (targets make saves, etc.), drop it (do not use it MAP is still spent) or extend it to the next turn. If the user extends the spell the following turn they can expand the spell by increasing its damage, difficulty to save, range, area and/or etc... They then pay the MAP cost for the changes to the spell + 2 MAP for maintaining it. They once again determine if they want to release the spell, drop it or extend it into next round. A arcane user can do this as long as they have MAP to spend and maintain focus.

Focus can be interrupted by taking damage. To maintain control use the rule presented in the skill being used or as a default use: Users Focus + Arcana Levels + 1d20 vs Damage Dealt. Failure means you drop the spell and may also have a backlash too. See the spell for control failure rules.

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