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Red Ash Skills
Alchemy (Child of Tradesmen)
Difficulty: See Below
Save: Focus + Alchemy Levels + 1d20
DESC: Alchemy is a skill that studies the physical world and how it can be controlled using a combination of chemicals. There are many goals of alchemy including but not limited to, Panacea (The Elixir of Life), the Universal Solvent and, the Philosopher's Stone (a kind of skill boost stone, that the powder of which can be used to boost a users knowledge of alchemy...and maybe more).

Alchemist work and study almost exclusively outside of a major town, as they are just as likely to have their workshop explode as they are to come upon a usable product. While being outside of a town is usually a dangerous for most people, alchemist are left alone for fear of being caught in an explosion. Animals and even monsters tend to give wide path mainly do to the unnatural odd odors.

A alchemist can produce single unit products per alchemy level in a day, without a workshop and no risk. For every level of a workshop (100 max) counts as a additional 10 units (1 is 10, 2 is 20, so on...) + the Alchemy level of the user. The risk from mass production also increases. for every 10 units produced - the Alchemy levels of the user = the risk roll (d100) for an explosion....over is bad. Right on the number is simple damage to the workshop and it is closed for repairs, either over or right on will result in a failed product. Below is a starting list of product:

  • Curative: Aids the healing of wounds or disease
  • Purgative: Use to cure poison
  • Solvent: used as a tool, opening locks

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