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SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome)
A person is infected with SARS when they come into contact with contaminated surfaces or aerosol spray generated by the coughing and sneezing of an host.

Those that survive SARS have a 10% chance of gaining one of the following: pulmonary fibrosis, osteoporosis, and femoral necrosis.

pulmonary fibrosis is a scaring of the lungs and suffer from a dry cough and difficulty breathing. In game terms your character can only have 1/2 of their PAP and MAP values and can not reset like others can, you simply tirer. Those with the breathless power are immune to this effect.
osteoporosis is a brittle bone disorder and any strainous activity can cause a fracture. In game terms you gain a crippled status. The severity of this is variable so roll percentages divide by half and round up. Any physically demanding activity requires a percentage roll every turn, fail and you have broken a bone and aquired a counter on the cripped status.
femoral necrosis is a bone death and commonly affects the sholder, knee and hips. This disorder is painful for the affected and will make a character use focus and coordination at half score and running and flight is impossible.
Virus - A virus is a very small organism that can only reproduce inside an infected host. Outside of a host it can survive in a dormant state for a long time. They can infect almost any type of living creature, including bateria.
Air - Pathogen is in the air and can be affected by winds, increasing its contamination area down wind and decreasing up wind.
  • Lethality: 10%
  • Infection Rate: 88%
  • Contamenation Area: 5 Meters
  • Gestation Period: 5 Days
  • Difficulty: Fair
  • Save: Health
  • Advancement Time: 3 Days
  • Life Span: 15 Days
  • Residual Life: 1 Week
Stage 1: muscle pain, lethargy, gastrointestinal symptoms, cough or sore throat

Stage 2: fever and difficulty breathing

Stage 3: death
Survivor Results:
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